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help with xlsx creation and row grouping...

PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 3:43 am
by baven
I am new to this forum and the usage of this app. I have attached a sample xlsx file and I am trying to create a xlsx in similar format (row grouping, collapse/expand etc). I used POI XSSFWorkbook, but the memory footprint is high for the real doc creation and I tried to use POI SXSSFWorkbook, but that throws an runtime exception as "not implemented" when we call "sheet.setRowGroupCollapsed(..): method.

sheet.groupRow(1, 9);
sheet.setRowGroupCollapsed(1, true); //this throws a runtime exception in Apache's POI SXSSF impl.

I need a sample code or reference to a sample code for my requirement. Thanks for the help.

Re: help with xlsx creation and row grouping...

PostPosted: Fri Sep 13, 2013 9:31 pm
by jason
If you want to do stuff with xlsx4j, in general you don't use POI methods!

This seems to be the pertinent XML in your sample xlsx:

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    <outlinePr summaryBelow="false"/>
    <row r="2" hidden="true" outlineLevel="1">
    <row r="11" collapsed="true">
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You can generate suitable code by submitting your sample xlsx to the docx4j online webapp.

Doing that, generates code like:

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org.xlsx4j.sml.ObjectFactory smlObjectFactory = new org.xlsx4j.sml.ObjectFactory();

Worksheet worksheet = smlObjectFactory.createWorksheet();
JAXBElement<org.xlsx4j.sml.Worksheet> worksheetWrapped = smlObjectFactory.createWorksheet(worksheet);
    // Create object for sheetPr
    CTSheetPr sheetpr = smlObjectFactory.createCTSheetPr();
        // Create object for outlinePr
        CTOutlinePr outlinepr = smlObjectFactory.createCTOutlinePr();
    // Create object for sheetFormatPr
    CTSheetFormatPr sheetformatpr = smlObjectFactory.createCTSheetFormatPr();
        sheetformatpr.setBaseColWidth( new Long(8) );
        sheetformatpr.setOutlineLevelRow( new Short(3) );
        sheetformatpr.setOutlineLevelCol( new Short(0) );
    // Create object for sheetData
    SheetData sheetdata = smlObjectFactory.createSheetData();
        // Create object for row
        Row row = smlObjectFactory.createRow();
        sheetdata.getRow().add( row);
            row.setR( new Long(1) );
            row.setOutlineLevel( new Short(0) );
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