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Duplicating columns

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 3:27 am
by roded
I'm trying to find a way to allow a person editing a template to define a table stub surrounded by content controls (somehow) which, when processed, will be expanded by both its dimensions.
As OpenDoPE as well as Office 2013 allow definition of repeating content controls for table rows, what this basically comes down to is to somehow managing to coherently define (and later process) repeating content controls on the table columns (OpenDoPE and Office 2013 as of this time do not support duplicating columns).
I've found numerous references to this issue, but nothing in the nature of a solution (even if a proprietary one).

Has anyone ever come across this issue and can perhaps suggest a solution (even if it is proprietary)?
Any suggestions at all, or even a different way of thinking about the problem would be much appreciated.


Re: Duplicating columns

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 7:01 am
by jason
You should be able to wrap a repeat sdt around a table cell, so getting additional cells in a single row. (Or possibly wrap a condition sdt around a tc, but docx4j might treat this as a special case - i'd have to look at the source code).

You can also nest a table in a tc.

Combining those might give you what you want. It depends how complex your desired layout is.

If you can get a result which is close to what you want, then it may be possible to fine tune things with some enhancements...

Re: Duplicating columns

PostPosted: Thu Dec 19, 2013 8:22 am
by roded
Thanks for the reply Jason.
By wrapping a table cell, do yo mean wrapping a tc?
I assume in that case, the same handling needs to be done the for all rows of the table.

Once (and if) I'll manage to get 80% of this working, I'll come back to ask about some enhancements :)

Thanks, these are helpful suggestions.