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simple webapp available

PostPosted: Sun Sep 04, 2011 5:52 pm
by jason
I've published source code for a webapp which performs non-interactive processing of an OpenDoPE docx. The idea is that you provide the docx and an xml file, and the servlet will process that and then stream you the resulting docx.

A web app is a better approach than a command line app which exits after each run, since you don't incur Context startup time for each document.

You can find the source code at

There is also a binary available for download from ... -1.0.0.war

Once you've installed it in tomcat, jetty or whatever, in a browser, go to http://localhost:8080/OpenDoPE-simple-1 ... rvice/both

You should see a simple form. There is a sample xml file and docx you can try out; get these from ... es/invoice

On the form, tick the box if you want to see the result rendered as a web page. I thought this would be useful for testing. Otherwise, the server should stream a docx.

To use this as a service you'll need to POST multipart/form-data mimicking the form.

.. Jason