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StackOverflow and cross posting

PostPosted: Fri May 18, 2012 12:15 pm
by jason
As an alternative to posting in this forum, feel free to use StackOverflow.

I guess StackOverflow is appropriate if you have a specific user-level question, as opposed to wanting to raise something for discussion. And you should try to include some source code (Java plus your XML): see

I will endeavour to answer questions with the same promptness/priority, whether you post here or there. But on StackOverflow, you'll find there are other people who are motivated to help you.

If you do post on StackOverflow, be sure to use the 'docx4j' tag, so I see it, and any other tags which may be appropriate (eg JAXB, Java, OpenXML and of course, docx/msword, powerpoint, excel).

If someone does answer your question correctly, please be sure to mark it as the answer.

Please do not Cross-post! (policy updated 28 August 2014)

Choose these forums, or StackOverflow, but not both!

I'll see your post in either place, as will many others. Having to look at the same thing twice is a complete waste of time.

If you do cross post, I'll delete the duplicate post from this forum. This might sound harsh, but having unanswered questions floating around just clutters things up and is not a good look.

See meta.stackoverflow eg ... -elsewhere for some wisdom on this topic. But as per above, I ask you not to do it.

thanks .. Jason