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docx4j 3.2.0 released

PostPosted: Tue Aug 26, 2014 9:50 pm
by jason
docx4j 3.2.0 is now available. Thanks to all who contributed, as to which see ...

You can get it from Maven Central, at ... .2.0%7Cjar

Or the jar or zip (with all dependencies), from

upgrading from 3.1

docx4j now requires guava; get it from ... a-17.0.jar

Please note that minimum Java version for docx4j is now Java 6 (since guava and ambassador are compiled for that)

upgrading from 3.0

You'll need:

- guava (see above)
- mbassador, from ... 1.1.10.jar

Notable Changes in Version 3.2.0

d150d9c7f6 *Security fix* Configure DocumentBuilderFactory to disallow doctype declaration etc.

FO/PDF output: miscellaneous improvements, including:

header/footer height calculation
Support for table row w:cantsplit property
ParagraphStylesInTableFix enhancements
support FOP config font substitutions
formatting of list item label
generally use per class logging, since this makes it easier to see where the message is generated
Add GlyphCheck; improve support for Arial Unicode MS
For Wingding etc symbols, use hAnsi font ;
PDF events
PDF (non XLST): support nested tables
Workaround for missing space before fo:page-number-citation-last in FOP 1.1 output
FO support for ptab align right
Create a suitable ConversionSectionWrapper, when continuous sectPr encountered, by using header/footer details from the previous sectPr
Where appropriate (ie different page size), insert a page break
Support css line-height
In HTML|FO\PDF output, ensure tblPr is not null - Try to behave gracefully if broken style is encountered (ie missing @w:type or @w:styleId)
w:br in FO output: Handling of vertical space

31m0c0e45d *API change* getContents now throws Docx4JException, instead of returning null in the case of error.


# PDF output; ability to specify font substitutions. See src/samples/_resources
# Avoid using both this and fontMapper.getFontMappings() for the same fonts!

# Defaults to org/docx4j/fonts/microsoft/MicrosoftFonts.xml
# which is contained in the docx4j jar
# If you need to override it in order to provide different file names for
# one or more fonts, start by extracting and editing a copy of the existing file

# In XHTML import, span/@style='background-color:red;' would usually become w:rPr/w:shd/@w:fill="ff0000"
# Set this to true to use w:highlight instead

# Defaults to org/docx4j/jaxb/mc-preprocessor.xslt

# The styles part content used by WordprocessingMLPackage createPackage
# and by getStyleDefinitionsPart(true) where the styles part is null

# Used to try to activate a style (PropertyResolver.activateStyle) which isn't defined in the styles part

# Embedded Fonts - extract to dir
# By default, docx4j will extract embedded fonts to dir
# ~/.docx4all/temporary embedded fonts
# (creating it if necessary).\\temp

# .. placeholder to use instead of "Click here to enter text"
# Defaults to OpenDoPE/placeholder.xml, and if nothing is there,
# will fallback to org/docx4j/model/datastorage/placeholder.xml (which is in the docx4j jar)
# What is new is that you can override that location (ie so you don't have to create an OpenDoPE folder)


d1b60a96e7 pptx4j: dedicated parts for slide comments

b452e79852 Support for opening pptm/potx/potm files

Other Changes (non-exhaustive)

8e640dafb7 dedicated parts for VbaProjectSignature

9d714432db partName is now private; has getter/setter

e66884b830 Create rels part name dynamically

31mff84cf0 DocumentModel: use SectPrFinder to find the sectPr (which means it will now find sectPr inside content controls)

31m0700196 preset Shape definitions

31mfbef8b9 Map font names case-insensitive, since Word treats w:rFonts attribute values case-insensitive.

31mfa767f6 RPr and ParaRPr inherit from RPrAbstract

31m7c9dd58 signature line attributes: add namespace; fixes

31m543713f Support for part representing userShapes added to a chart

31m265ee8b fixed code that generates textId (BobFleischman)

31m9a8b75c BinaryPart: Tidy up code and remove soft reference ByteBuffer.

Import XHTML

31m85b7a4d In XHTML import, span/@style='background-color:red;' would usually become w:rPr/w:shd/@w:fill="ff0000" Now you can configure it to use w:highlight instead

31m810ed9b LineSpacing: handle the CSS default 'normal' sensibly when importing

31mdbf7dee StyleUtil: changes to isEmpty and apply semantics for Style objects

31m3845825 StyleUtil changes: - change to isEmpty semantics for Integer, BigInteger so that a value of 0 is not treated as empty (since otherwise eg spaceAfter 0 isn't applied) - pPr includes sectPr, so add PARTIAL implementation of areEqual and apply for sectPr

31mea22fb6 make jc final. it's used in a lot of places but only assigned once. (apixandru)

31m8edaddf For Oracle Java 8, use and

31mdf84571 Workaround for Microsoft SQLServer Reporting Service (SSRS) 2012, which generates invalid docx

31mf0fbd9f User can override org/docx4j/jaxb/mc-preprocessor.xslt with an xslt on their classpath named custom-preprocessor.xslt