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docx4j 3.3.0 released

PostPosted: Thu Apr 21, 2016 2:53 pm
by jason
Version 3.3.0 is now released.

Thanks to all those who contributed, listed in [1]

Please see below for notable changes, especially regarding PDF output (if you use that).

It is in Maven Central: ... .docx4j%22

Alternatively, you can get it at ...

The zip file contains three optional components:

- export-fo (see "Notable Changes - PDF" below)

- ImportXHTML, for importing XHTML to docx

- MOXy, to use EclipseLink MOXy as your JAXB implementation, instead of the Sun/Oracle reference implementation (or the variant they ship in Java)

There are artifacts in Maven Central corresponding to each of these (see the link above).

Source code is available at or in a jar from Maven Central

Finally, Plutext has simultaneously released Enterprise Edition v3.3.0; this features digital signature support.

Enjoy the new release!

Thanks .. Jason

Notable Changes - PDF

default PDF converter changed from XSL FO + Apache FOP to Plutext's commercial PDF Converter. XSL FO based PDF output moved to new/separate project docx4j-export-fo; We made this change after careful consideration, since the quality/performance is so much better, and it removes various dependencies from docx4j itself. If you want to stick with the existing XSL FO + Apache FOP PDF Conversion, no probs:- see below for how.

The instance of PDF Converter at is used by default, but you can (and should!) install it locally; installers are available at

To use your own instance, set docx4j property, eg:

Code: Select all

If you want to use the existing XSL FO + Apache FOP PDF Conversion, just add docx4j-export-fo (+ deps) to your classpath. If these are present, docx4j will revert to the FO based conversion. These jars are in the zip file, in dir optional/export-fo and also in Maven Central.

Notable Changes - Other

Document protection (read only, track revisions etc) for docx/pptx/xlsx, with or without password. See further ... and

docx table of contents (TOC) generation and update migrated from Enterpise Ed. See org.docx4j.toc and the Toc* samples. The layout model in Plutext's PDF Converter (see above) will be used to calculate page numbers, unless docx4j-export-fo (+ deps) is on your path

For other notable changes, please see [1]

[1] ...

Re: docx4j 3.3.0 released

PostPosted: Sun Aug 07, 2016 6:37 am
by epihel
The class, which used to be in 3.2.2, is now gone in 3.3.0. Is there an alternative for converting .doc files to .docx?

Re: docx4j 3.3.0 released

PostPosted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 4:56 pm
by jason
It was removed to get rid of the Poi dependencies.

You can get convert/in/ from ... n/

For org.apache.poi.hwpf imports you'll need:

Code: Select all
      +- org.apache.poi:poi-scratchpad:jar
      |  \- org.apache.poi:poi:jar