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Docx4j 3.3.4 released

PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 10:32 pm
by jason
Version 3.3.4 is now released. Thanks to those who contributed.

This is a minor release; please see below for notable changes.

It is in Maven Central:

Alternatively, you can get it from
Just docx4j:
Docx4j + deps: ...

As previously, the zip file contains three optional components:

- export-fo (if you prefer that to Plutext's commercial PDF Converter)

- ImportXHTML, for importing XHTML to docx

- MOXy, to use EclipseLink MOXy as your JAXB implementation, instead of the Sun/Oracle reference implementation (or the variant they ship in Java)

There are artifacts in Maven Central corresponding to each of these (see the link above).

Source code is available at or in a jar from Maven Central

Enjoy the new release!

cheers .. Jason

Notable Changes in Version 3.3.4

BinaryPartAbstractImage: ImageMagick executable name fetched from Docx4jProperties.getProperty("", "imconvert")
and workaround for file URL issue on Windows

Parent handling: convenience for user SdtPr set parent (same for SdtContent, now an interface);

mc-preprocessor.xslt: more Google Docs fixes

samples/BookmarksDuplicateCheck: Check also the bookmark ends; option to remediate (ie remove broken ones)

OpenDoPE fixes/enhancements:
#234 convert #STRING to NodeList
#235 complex XPaths
count-type conditions in repeats: perform enhancement in non-oda case

other bugfixes:
#175 HTML output: conversion to nested <ul> or <ol>
#164 Reset error counter, this time for IBM's JAXB (in Websphere inc


fix to support Apple iCloud Numbers (set reference attribute on cell)

loading .pptx and .xlsx files from InputStream