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No header in output html after conversion usingDocx4j-3.3.3

PostPosted: Mon Oct 30, 2017 6:30 pm
by Mounika
Purpose : No header/footer in output html after docx to html conversion using Docx4j-3.3.3 version

Steps I used to Extract content in document:
1. Convert the document(.docx) to HTML format
2. From HTML using tags and extracted the content of document.

When converting the document(.docx) to HTML format using Docx4j-3.3.3 version I am not getting the header footer extracted in HTML.

The extraction works fine with docx4j-2.8.1 version and I am able to see header footer in output html

Is there a solution to get header footer extracted with Docx4j-3.3.3 version when converting docx to html?

Please find the attached document for which I am trying to extract the header part.
Thanks in Advance.