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Docx4j 6.1.2 released

PostPosted: Wed Feb 27, 2019 6:16 pm
by jason
docx4j 6.1.2 was released today.

This is a minor release.

For Maven users, 6.1.2 is in the Central Repository now.

Otherwise, see

Docx4j 6.1.2 release notes

6.1.x will be our last releases which support Java 6. (The plan is that docx4j 8.x, when released, will require Java 8+, and so on. Easy to remember.)

API breaking changes have been avoided, so it should be easy to get your code running against this.

From the changelog at ...

Notable Changes in Version 6.1.2

Fix for #340 Field handling NumberExtractor, handle group separator '.' (eg German) correctly.

New property docx4j.Fields.Numbers.JavaStylePercentHandling which if set to true multiplies the value by hundred.
For example, formatting 0.33 with "\\# ##%" would yield 33%.

Fix for #344 (NPE in TraversalUtil in graphicData)
Fix for #346 (relating to Fields)

xlsx4j: Convenience method to access ThemePart