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Docx4j 11.2.8 released for Java 11

PostPosted: Thu Jan 07, 2021 5:15 pm
by jason
docx4j 11.2.8 - compiled with Java 14, targeting Java 11 - is now available in Maven Central. If you are not using Java 11 or later, you should stick with docx4j 8.x (compiled for Java 8).

For downloads, go to

This is a cumulative update, bringing parity with 8.2.8:

- Microsoft Word: Dedicated part for template command group (wne:tcg), which contains customizations for keyboard shortcuts and toolbars

- Zip loading optimisation: Avoid using streams where entry size is known

- Fix issue in unmarshalString(String str, JAXBContext jc, Class declaredType) introduced by XXE fixes in 8.2.1 mostly affecting pptx

- Emojis: specify fallback font in property docx4j.fonts.RunFontSelector.EmojiFont

- PDF via FOP with docx embedded fonts: bug fix for case where temp extracted fonts were deleted too early.

- XHTML to docx: CSS font-size bug fix

This is expected to be the last release in the 11.2 series. The next 11.x release will be 11.3.0, which will use the new "Jakarta" JAXB packaging.

11.2.8 is a JPMS modularised release, so the docx4j jars contain module-info.class entries, with the following exceptions:
- the docx4j-documents4j-* sub-projects don't have a until is addressed
- the docx4j-conversion-via-microsoft-graph sub-project doesn't have a

docx4j 11.2.8 source code can be found in branch ... ION_11_2_8