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Docx4j-ImportXHTML 8.2.1 released

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2021 6:57 pm
by jason
We're pleased to announce the release of Docx4j-ImportXHTML 8.2.1.

The purpose of Docx4j-ImportXHTML is to convert XHTML (ie well formed HTML) to Word document (docx) content.

In 8.2.0, we migrated from FlyingSaucer to which is actively maintained and uses pdfbox, not old iText.

8.2.1 bumps the openhtmltopdf dependency to 1.0.8.

Docx4j-ImportXHTML 8.2.1 is compiled for Java 8, and should work with any docx4j 8 to 8.2.x.

Docx4j-ImportXHTML 8.2.1 will be available in Maven Central shortly, or in ...

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