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docx4j-ImportXHTML 11.4.6 released

PostPosted: Sun Apr 17, 2022 7:37 pm
by jason
docx4j-ImportXHTML 11.4.6 is now available in Maven Central. For downloads, go to

This release is JPMS modularised, and uses jakarta.xml.bind.

The logic behind the version number is as follows:
- its -ImportXHTML 11 since it targets Java 11; If you are not using Java 11 or later, you should stick with ImportXHTML 8.3.2 (compiled for Java 8).
- it is -ImportXHTML 11.4, since like docx4j 11.4, this release uses jakarta.xml.bind (as opposed to the previous javax.xml.bind)
- it does require docx4j 11.4.6

Since this release uses jakarta.xml.bind, rather than javax.xml.bind, if you have existing code which imports javax.xml.bind, you'll need to search/replace across your code base, replacing javax.xml.bind with jakarta.xml.bind. You'll also need to replace your JAXB jars (which Maven will do for you automatically; otherwise get them from the relevant zip file).

11.4.6 is our first JPMS modularised release of ImportXHTML, so the jars contain module-info.class entries.

11.4.6 is compiled with Java 15, targeting Java 11.

This is also a Maven multi-module project.

The only other change is that it uses an auto-generated id value when an image is added (fixes #71), which requires docx4j 11.4.6 (hence this version number)

Other than that, this is the same as ImportXHTML 8.3.2.

From hereon, changes will generally be made to this branch first. So it is now the default branch