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docx4j 2.4.0 released

PostPosted: Fri Jul 09, 2010 5:37 pm
by jason
I'm pleased to announce the release of docx4j v2.4.0

This release incorporates a number of minor enhancements made since the last release. Perhaps the most significant is support for different headers in each section in PDF output (via XSL FO). This release includes a JAXB representation of XSL FO (used to create the layout master set), and a JAXB representation of SVG (used to convert pptx to SVG). Its because of those that I've labelled this 2.4.0, rather than 2.3.1. For more details, please see

All users of 2.3.0 are encourage to drop in the 2.4.0 jar.

Where do I get it?

or from SVN, at (use the pom.xml file to satisfy the dependencies, or download them from

or, via Maven:
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                        <name>docx4j Maven 2 repository</name>

How do I get started?

See the "Getting Started" guide, at

Where is the Javadoc?

(though I'd encourage you to download the source instead)

Enjoy :-)