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Bug reporting guidelines

PostPosted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 1:33 am
by jason
Bugs and enhancement requests can be logged at

Checklist for bug reporting (and forum posts):

  • should this be discussed in this forum first?
  • attach sample docx or .xml (please see below)
  • have you included code we can use to reproduce?
  • state which version of docx4j (have you tried the latest nightly build?)
  • state your platform (ie Windows, Linux, OSX)
  • if Word doesn't like your docx4j output, which version of Word?
  • where relevant, your development environment (eg Eclipse, NetBeans, IDEA etc)
  • PDF or HTML problem? please see below

Feel free to post issues in this forum first though; in many (most?) cases it will make sense to discuss here first before creating a ticket.

If you do submit a ticket, please attach relevant code and a sample docx/pptx/xlsx exhibiting the problem.

This forum accepts Java and docx attachments; to attach a file to a GitHub issue, please see

On this forum, please use Java and XML syntax highlighting:

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     [java] .. [/java]   or  [xml] .. [/xml]

If the problem relates to HTML or PDF output, please also attach the resulting output. As of January 2010, only HTML via NG2, and PDF via XSL FO are supported. Older approaches for generating HTML and PDF are deprecated and will be removed.

Before reporting a problem, please try the latest nightly build (or git code) to see whether it has been fixed.