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Architecture overview

PostPosted: Tue Mar 31, 2009 2:22 am
by jason
docx4j has a three layered model of a docx file.

Lowest level - packages/parts

The lowest level is org.docx4j.openpackaging, which represents the docx package,
and each of its constituent parts.

Parts are generally subclasses of

A JaxbXmlPart has a content tree:

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   public Object getJaxbElement() {
      return jaxbElement;

   public void setJaxbElement(Object jaxbElement) {
      this.jaxbElement = jaxbElement;

Second level - JAXB Content Tree

The jaxb content tree is the second level of the three layered model.

Most parts (including MainDocumentPart, styles, headers/footers, comments, endnotes/footnotes)
use org.docx4j.wml (WordprocessingML); wml references org.docx4j.dml (DrawingML) as necessary
(see org.docx4j.jaxb.Context).

The properties parts use org.docx4j.docProps.

Highest level

The highest level layer is org.docx4j.model.
This package builds on the lower two layers and does/should include functionality relating to:

- headers/footers
- list numbering
- images (TODO: refactor)

Working with docx4j

So, when working with docx4j, you use the lowest level to create/open/save a package,
to add/remove parts, and to access the jaxb content tree for a particular part. You use the second and highest levels
to manipulate the document content.

Adding to docx4j

For docx4j developers adding new functionality, the question is which layer/package to put it in.

Placing it in the jaxb layer (ie in org.docx4j.wml, org.docx4j.dml, or org.docx4j.docProps)
is to be avoided, since these classes are (largely) generated automatically from the

You can place the functionality in a particular part (ie in
if the functionality relates specifically to that part. So for example, the list numbering stuff could
have gone into the ListNumberingPart (and probably would have, but for the fact that it comprises
several different classes).

However, functionality which applies to several parts (eg the header/footer stuff), is clearly better
placed here.