Welcome to dev.plutext.org


We are building 2 distinct solutions:

Both solutions rely on docx4j, our library for manipulating OOXML/OpenXML docx (WordprocessingML) files in Java.

The projects are related, in that you can use docx4all to collaborate on Word documents. Or you can use it standalone.


The following modules (aka projects) are under active ongoing development:

  • docx4all - currently you can create, edit and collaborate around docx on Windows, Linux and OSX. You can be working in a document at the same time as other people
  • docx4j (open source) - used by docx4all and plutext-server, and ready for use in other projects
  • plutext-server - working well as an Alfresco module
  • plutext-client-word2007 - the Word collaboration add-in

Please note that each of these projects has its own independent Wiki, Browse Source, and Ticketing system. First you need to navigate to the project of interest to you, via one of the above links.

Quick Start

You can try out Plutext collaboration with one-click.

You can launch docx4all from your browser as a browser applet or a desktop application.

If its code you are after, please see our downloads page.