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Click to try docx4all v0.2

May 3rd, 2008 by Jason

Jo and I are pleased to have just uploaded a new version of docx4all for you to try.

We’ve added quite a few features since I last blogged about docx4all (21 Feb).

New features include:

The VFS file chooser allows docx4all to open documents not just from the local file system, but also from a WebDAV server (such as Alfresco), and potentially, CIFS etc.  To do this, docx4all uses VFSJFileChooser, and webdavclient4j (a project we’ve started to address the gap left when Apache retired Slide, including its WebDAV client).

The incoming document filter is used to convert certain features of WordprocessingML which docx4all can’t yet handle, into something it can.   Examples include proofErr, hyperlink, and lastRenderedPageBreak.  This behaviour relies on a feature of docx4j, which makes it easy to apply a transform to a docx package (by converting it to pkg:package format).

Docx4all can’t yet render tables (let alone edit them), but we’re working on changing that.