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docx4j v2.3.0 released

February 23rd, 2010 by Jason

I’m pleased to announce the release of docx4j v2.3.0

docx4j is an open source (Apache license) project which facilitates the manipulation of Microsoft OpenXML docx (and now pptx) documents in Java, using JAXB.

The main features of this release are support for pptx files, and improvements to HTML export (via NG2), and PDF export (via XSL FO).

For further details, please see the release announcement.

Importing Word documents into Google Wave

February 9th, 2010 by Jason

Plutext has released a robot for Google Wave which you can use to convert Microsoft Office Word documents into Wave content.

The robot is at

This is especially useful if your Word document contains tables or images, because copy/pasting from Word leaves them out. Adding the document as an attachment in Wave wouldn’t be the answer either, because that doesn’t bring the power of Wave to bear on the doc at all.

This wave was the announcement and is for support (Wave account required):

[wave id=”!w+Kb5sDrZkA” color=”#000000″ bgcolor=”#FFFFFF”]