Jun 30 2017

JAXB RI new home on the web

https://github.com/javaee/jaxb-v2 is JAXB’s new home (jaxb.java.net now redirects there).

Issue tracker is at https://github.com/javaee/jaxb-v2/issues (though it seems some existing issues didn’t get migrated over, for example https://github.com/gf-metro/jaxb/issues/22)

I’m not sure where you are supposed to get official binary releases from;¬†Maven I guess?



Discussion group is apparently at https://javaee.groups.io/g/metro, but first you need to join the parent group https://javaee.groups.io/g/javaee

https://javaee.github.io/ has details of other the projects migrated from Java.net to GitHub

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