Dec 06 2007

docx4all now in subversion

I’m excited to say that today Jojada uploaded his work to date on docx4all to subversion.

Docx4all is our open source word processor which uses OOXML WordprocessingML as its native document format. Like our other projects, we’re releasing it under a GPL (in this case v3).

We intend it to run wherever Swing runs, and both from the desktop and within a web browser.

Docx4all is a thoroughly modern Swing application, in that its built on JavaFX Script and the Swing App Framework.

Here is a screenshot of a simple document rendered in it (click to enlarge), running on Ubuntu:

docx4all v0.1 screenshot

Its very early days yet. As you can see from the screenshot, docx4all can render simple paragraph content. But you can’t actually edit yet. That will change before Christmas.

The philosophy we’re taking is that if docx4all encounters any WordML markup which it doesn’t understand, it should preserve (ie round trip it).

You can see in the screenshot that sectPr currently falls into that category. As I said, its very early days!

But we wanted to get docx4all out there, so that anyone who’d like to work on it is able to get started.

The wiki contains instructions for building docx4all. Let us know how you go in the forums.

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