Apr 10 2008

docx4j now released under Apache License

We’re pleased to announce that docx4j is now available under the Apache License (v2).

This is a response to feedback on an earlier post.  This is also the last license change we’ll be making to docx4j. Word documents are mostly manipulated in corporate environments.  This change removes barriers to adoption of docx4j by business and institutions.

docx4j uses org.merlin.io to efficiently turn streams inside out. That package had been available under the GPL.  Its author, Merlin Hughes, today kindly released it under v2 of the Apache License, so we now use it under that license.

There’s a new nightly build of docx4j available from the downloads page if you want to grab it.  This build can load/save to/from a WebDAV server – more on that in another post.

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