Jun 28 2011

Feedback on docx4j 2.7.0 release candidate?

docx4j 2.7.0 release candidate is now available at http://dev.plutext.org/docx4j/docx4j-2.7.0-rc1.jar

This will form the basis of the 2.7.0 release. In fact, unless there are significant issues over the next week or so, this will become the 2.7.0 release! So please try it out and report back, positive or negative…

It is mainly a maintenance release, but things of note include:

* Improvements to Maven build

* ContentAccessor interface

* AlteredParts: identify parts in this pkg which are new or altered; Patcher
which adds new or altered parts.

* Support for .glox SmartArt package (/src/glox/)

* JAXB RI 2.2.3 compatibilty

For contributors to this release and a more complete list of changes, please see http://dev.plutext.org/svn/docx4j/trunk … README.txt

There are 2 new dependencies (required for OpenDoPE processing): antlr-runtime-3.3.jar and stringtemplate-3.2.1.jar For convenience, copies of these can be found in the same dir as the rc jar.

Thanks very much to everyone who contributed to this release (candidate!).

And please consider clicking one of the buttons below to circulate news of the release.

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