Nov 07 2013

docx4j 3.0 beta

A beta of docx4j 3.0 is now available, at: [link updated 15 Nov]

That zip file contains docx4j, and all its dependencies.  To use it, add all the jars to your classpath.

Alternatively, Maven users can get the beta from our staging repo on GitHub.


docx4j 3.0 beta is:


Our last blog post outlines the major things to be aware of in v3.

Additional notes:

  • For convenience, the zip file also contains docx4j-ImportXHTML, and its dependencies, which are LGPL.  You can delete these if you wish.  They aren’t in the mvn staging repo.
  • To see any logging, you’ll need to add an slf4j implementation.
  • You might want to add a file

You can find updated Getting Started guide in docx|pdf formats at

Feedback welcome.  You can reply here, or to the post in the docx4j forums.

All going smoothly, we’ll progress to final release over the next couple of weeks, so the sooner your feedback, the better!

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