Jan 11 2008

docx4j license change

A note for the record that we’ve changed the docx4j license from the GPL v3 to the Affero General Public License v3.   All users of which we are aware are happy with this change.

The logic for the change is the same as the logic for licensing plutext-server under the Affero GPL.  That is, to ensure that people who use docx4j in a SAAS environment are treated the same as people who distribute docx4j to end users.

Licensing docx4j under an Apache style licence also has its attractions – let us know if this would make a difference to you.

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    Plutext project » Blog Archive » docx4j now released under Apache License said,

    April 10, 2008 @ 12:54 am

    […] is a response to feedback on an earlier post.  This is also the last license change we’ll be making to docx4j. Word documents are mostly […]

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